NHL Playoffs & Stanley Cup Final 2022 – Odds, Guide & Schedule

The NHL playoffs start in May and are sure to offer plenty of excitement and action. With the playoffs, though, comes a new dimension of NHL wagers and odds as the competitors are the top tier teams in the NHL. To get the latest information and odds you need to have a reliable source like what we offer at Picks & Parlays. Here you will find the latest NHL playoff schedule, the odds for the games, and even free previews of every NHL playoff game.

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NHL playoffs 2022 Schedule

All of the exciting action for the NHL playoffs is slated to start on May 2nd. Which is 3 days after the regular season ends.

Event Date Starts
2022 Stanley Cup playoffs May 2 - July 1 5 months ago

The NHL playoffs have 8 teams total playing per conference. The bracket is divided so the top 3 teams in each division is able to make the playoffs in a guaranteed spot. Then the Wild Card spots are determined by the number of points the teams have scored on the year.

The wild card teams in each conference will play the top ranked seed plays against the wild card teams. The first round along with the other rounds are a best of 7 series and requires the teams to win 4 games to advance to the next round.

In the second round of the NHL playoffs the seeds will advance to face the next team in their bracket that wins. Then who ever wins that best of 7 series will move on to the conference finals. The conference finals is going to pit the remaining two teams in each conference against each other in a best of 7 series. The winner of that series will advance to the Stanley Cup Finals in what will be a showdown between the Western Conference and Eastern Conference champions.

The Stanley Cup winner could play anywhere from a minimum of 16 games to win the Stanley Cup to a total of 28 games played if each series the winner of the Stanley Cups goes to 7 games. No matter how many games it takes the winner of the Stanley Cup Finals will have so much energy on the ice you could not even tell how many games the team played.

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The NHL playoffs are one of the most exciting parts of the sports season. Still, with all the different action that is on the ice it is important to put the odds in your favor. With that being the case you need to make sure you know that at Picks & Parlays our experts put the odds in your favor with well researched and highly accurate picks.

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